Friday, 28 November 2008

How do I know which Wheelchair to buy?

We get a lot of people contacting us about what are the differences between the many wheelchairs on offer. It can be quite confusing as there are many different types and all have their benefits for certain needs.

Wheelchairs are probably the most widely used walking aids and by far the most suitable for disabled people. Despite being larger than other walking aids such as 3 or 4 wheeled walkers, often called 'zimmer frames', they are by far the most versatile as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. As the technology has developed, there have been more and more types of wheelchair available for people to use and suitable for a variety of different needs. Not only have the frames changed in materials, from the heavier steel to the lightweight aluminium frames, but they now come with powered motors for even more mobility control.

As the developments have made the selection even greater, getting the right wheelchair for you requires considering things such as age, disability, personal lifestyle and budget. Broadly, wheelchairs fit into two distinct categories; Electric (or powered) Wheelchairs and Manual Wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchairs

The more advanced electric wheelchair comes with its own battery and motor to drive the chair by a 'joysitck' controller. Being much more rigid and heavier than manual wheelchairs, not only do they offer excellent manouverability but also confidence to the person to get out and about with ease. Some powered wheelchairs even come with a rotating seat for aiding people to get on or off. These wheelchairs are perfect for conserving energy as they do not need to be propelled.

Manual Wheelchairs

The more traditional form of wheelchair is available for different kinds of needs, including sports, travel, indoor and outdoor use. Most of these wheelchairs are propelled using upper body strength and have features that make it easier for people to do so. Some of the wheelchairs are designed to be pushed and have a heavier and more sturdier frame for durability and practical use. Manual wheelchairs can be separated into different categories according to the requirements of the user:

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight Wheelchairs mostly made from Aluminium making them not only strong by very light and easy to propel. The rigid frame can also come with larger wheels making them easy to and manoeuvre. The lightweight frame is ideal for travel and certain products can have a folding frame, allowing the wheelchair to be packed away in the back of a car. Lightweight wheelchairs were originally designed for sports but as they are both portable and easy to use they are very adaptable for everyday use.

Folding Wheelchairs

Most manual wheelchairs fit into this category as they have the benefits of having a collapsible frame. Folding wheelchairs can also come with folding or detachable leg rests to make them ideal for folding away for starage in the home and for travel. As they do not have any removable parts, these wheelchairs are ideal for temporary use or storing in the home.

Travel Wheelchairs

Travel wheelchairs have the benefit of being the most portable wheelchairs available. Being the most lightweight of all wheelchairs, they are suited for occasional use and getting to and from places. Collapsible, lightweight and durable they are often used for both indoor and outdoor use such as transit to and from a car, using in shopping centres or retail locations and for short distance flat terrain applications.

When considering which wheelchair is the best for you, it is best to think about the needs of the user and also what is the most convenient wheelchair for you. The prices vary from different suppliers but it is always best to check the level of after sales service and customer care before you buy. Wheelchairs can make a real difference in someone's life so be sure to think about what is best for you and where the best place to purchase it from is. stock a wide variety of Manual and Electric Wheelchairs for every individual's needs and budget.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Trusting Customer Reviews for Mobility Scooters

When selling products online, you can never neglect the importance that your customers, past and future, play in the sales process. By allowing customers to leave their honest reviews about an item, you are allowing people to express their honest opinion and give a sense of trust to the potential buyers.

Shopping online for something as important as a disabled mobility scooter, you need to feel assured that the scooter you are buying is not only the right one for you but also that you are going to get the best service as well as after sales service.

Take one of our best selling and an overall popular scooter, the Pride Go Go, for example. As this is a popular scooter there are many places to buy it online. However, one thing that people might not think about when shopping for the lowest price is what level of customer service they will get. This point is emphasised by a blog post I found here. In this article, a customer reviews the Pride Go Go and their problems they had with one particular company by not providing the after sales service. It leaves the customer rather disappointed in not only the product (which is one of the best value and reliable scooters available I might add) but also the experience of buying online.

The review is concluded by advising people to buy from a local shop and not from the internet as you don't get that 'at home service'. However, we believe that providing the 'at home service' is vital to anyone who is buying a mobility scooter. It is good to shop around to suit your budget but also good to measure one internet retailer's level of customer service with another. If you need that repair service or even just a home demonstration that can be worth paying a little more for. I think the best advice would be to first of all know your needs, research the product, read the customer reviews and then find the right place to buy. You can shop to find the best price but more importantly, shop to find the best level of service.

Mobility Buddy has a large range of Mobility Scooters, including the Pride Go Go, and we pride ourselves on our level of customer care and after sales service. We know how important buying the right mobility scooter is and also taking care of your needs. Why not read our customer reviews and see what people think of the products and service.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mobility Scooter news from around the web...

It has been a busy week around the web for news on Mobility Scooters. One of the biggest stories is that MPs are now insisting on drivers of Mobility Scooters. It seems that the number of accidents involving mobility scooters has prompted the government to take notice and consider scooter owners to take driving lessons. Under new proposals, owners of scooters would have to 'prove' that they are capable of handling the scooters and that they would not pose a threat to the public.

Despite the media concentrating on the reporting accidents and at worst fatalities, the charity Help the Aged however, have responded to MPs that is was 'largely a creation of the media'. This was also echoed by the Department of Transport who maintained that it was not a major problem. You can read more about the article here or here.

On the lighter side of things, Charnwood Borough Council has purchased an all terrain Mobility Scooter in order for more people to enjoy a popular beauty destination around Loughborough, UK. Now the Helen Jean Cope Trust has bought a second scooter to allow even more disabled people to get around the 110-acre site of Special Scientific Interest. This is great news for people to get out and about to see tourist destinations. You can read the full story here.

One of the most popular pavement scooters has made an appearance on the popular video site YouTube. Pride Scooters are a great way of getting about and this short video below really shows how versatile and easy to drive they are:

Mobility Buddy have a wide variety of Mobility Scooters in their current sale including the most popular Pride Scooter. Visit and get the perfect scooter for you.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Lightweight Wheelchairs for the Winter Season

Now that we're in the new season of winter Mobility Buddy is warming things up with the introduction of a new range of Lightweight Wheelchairs.

With getting out and about being a high priority during the run up to Christmas, we have put together a great selection of Lightweight Wheelchairs all at great sale prices. Our 4 new wheelchairs are designed to cover all price ranges, from the ultra portable to the more comfortable and sturdy.

If a well balanced and attractive wheelchair sounds ideal for your needs then our Transit Folding Wheelchair is the perfect companion for you. With large 15" rear wheels and a light aluminium frame, this sturdy but manoeuvrable wheelchair is easy to push and giving a very comfortable ride. The tartan style blue cheque make it very attractive as well as functional and also comes with puncture proof tyres and a parking brake.

Lightweight Wheelchairs are best suited for those who like to get out and about and pack a wheelchair away in the back of the car. Mobility Buddy has a fantastic new Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair ideal for travel, that is both super light and also foldaway. The best feature of this wheelchair is that there are no removal parts to get lost along the way! The wheelchair also comes in a variety of different fabrics and fold away footrests.

For something a little more sturdy but also portable, then try our Lightweight Folding Wheelchair. This is exceptionally good value transit style wheelchair offers a double cross brace to provide a responsive, rigid chair performance. With a lightweight aluminium frame and an assortment of different fabrics to choose from, this is the ideal wheelchair for potability and comfort.

Something a little more stylish but still with maximum comfort is our new Folding Lightweight Wheelchair. With an attractive designed framework and a luxury padded seat and backrest, this wheelchair is great value and extremely comfortable. An added feature is the padded armrests to allow user to get close to the table or desk.

So why not get out and about this Winter to the shops or visiting family and friends with the new range of lightweight and portable wheelchairs. To make things even better we're now having a Winter Sale with huge savings on a large range of Mobility Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters.

Friday, 26 September 2008

The fight for equal rights for disabled scooters

In response to my previous article, about Trains and Mobility Scooters, things have developed even further with Human Rights activists getting involved. What all sparked this was a ban on Mobility Scooters on trains after a series of events a few months ago.

Details from The Chronicle newspaper, comment on how Human Rights activist Nancy Porter has claimed that the ban is in conflict with human rights and disability discrimination laws. The ban means that all people who have any kind of mobility scooters will not be able to travel on the trains. A spokesman for Metro trains, commented that they stood by the decision for safety reasons and don't believe it to be discriminatory.

There have been numerous incidents up and down the country recently where mobility scooters have fallen on to the lines and Metro trains believe that the ban will help to reduce the numbers of accidents on the trains. They have however, motioned to review the ban in six months time after a series of investigations into which scooters might be at higher risk for users and passengers as well as training for the Metro staff for assistance. Read the full article here.

Mobility Buddy provide a wealth of information and advice on Disabled Scooters to help find the right scooter for your needs.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Disabled Scooter Pressure Sales Techniques Exposed

Here at Mobility Buddy we're completely honest and open about our products and services, choosing to rely on quality of service rather than pressure-selling techniques. It seems that everyone else isn't quite so ethical however...

According to the August/September 08 issue of Assistive Technologies magazine: "Some companies are using high-pressure and unlawful sales practices to sell expensive and unsuitable mobility aids to vulnerable customers."

Which? secretly filmed reps from 11 different companies selling disabled scooters, adjustable beds and bath lifts to a 72 year old woman. Of the 11, 1 was rated good and 5 rated poor with a string of complaints such as offering discounts for buying straight away, free gifts as incentives and even advising on fraudulent insurance claims!!

Roy Hodgkinson, Director General of the British Healthcare Trades Association commented: "This highlights the need for members of the public to be alert to obtaining a good assessment, shopping around to find out prices, and to looking for businesses which do adhere to a Code of Practice like the BHTA Code which sets out standards."

We've been selling direct to the public for over 20 years now and pride ourselves on our caring, sympathetic and understanding approach. We never resort to these kind of high-pressure techniques to sell our products, have a read of our Customer Reviews to see what our customers have to say.

Echoing the above, if you are looking for a new disability scooter or wheelchair, shop around, find a company that you are happy with and talk to them directly about it. Any reputable company will have a direct line that you can call to talk things through... give us a call on 0800 107 8445 and see for yourself!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Trains are no place for Mobility Scooters!

Interesting (and quite shocking) is that there have been two separate incidents in the UK this month involving trains and mobility scooters. The most interesting thing about the incidents was that you would not necessarily think that travelling by train with a mobility scooter would cause such a problem.

The first article I came across was on the BBC website. This was an event on Arriva Trains where a man with a mobility scooter was not able to board the train due to the overcrowding. Something that most people encounter on a daily basis but for those who rely on mobility scooters, missing a train can have serious complications. The unlucky Mr Wali, then had to drive his scooter for 13 miles (21 km) home as the train could not accommodate him. Holiday period or no holiday period, such provisions should be made for overcrowding and to make sure that everyone is able to board trains.

Similarly, a separate incident involving a peron with a mobility scooter occured in West Yorkshire. However, this was not due to poor planning by the Trains franchise, but a deliberate act of discrimination. Being told that a train could not guarnantee disabled access to its customers is a little different to being told outright that you can't travel on the train because of a scooter.

Northern Rail said in their defence that due to "the lack of common design of scooter" and the "diversified fleet", having mobility scooters on their trains was not always possible. Despite many other train companies investing in improving their access for wheelchairs and scooters, Northern Rail have yet to increase their standards. Read the article in full here.

I would hope that other train companies and franchises around the UK are taking note about the right way and the wrong way to care for their customers.

With a caring, dedicated and understanding team Mobility Buddy excel in providing top quality Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs and Walking Sticks at a fair price with excellent service.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

The best advice for buying a disabled scooter

We were all quite distressed at Mobility Buddy when we read this article on the website.

As with every industry, there are always a few cowboys that are just our for making quick sales with no care or morals about their customers. The featured company the The Guardian article are obviously one of those that you'd expect to see on the Rogue Traders TV programme.

This kind of company should not be used to make all customers of mobility scooters put off purchasing one. After all, the mobility aids industry is all about caring for people and providing the means to make life easier. To help people through this mine field, we've proposed a 'Buddy' check-list of the things that should help people when thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter:

  1. It can be a big decision to make and you need to feel comfortable with your scooter but also reassured that you can live with it long term. You need to know that the people you speak to are not pressuring you into a sale. Having a salesperson calling can be very intimidating, especially if they are on commission and have a limited selection of scooters.
  2. Shopping on the internet can be a bit daunting for people. Knowing where to start and how to find what you are looking for can take a long time. However, there is a comprehensive amount of information available, including advice, help and product information about the scooters. It also means you can shop around and find the best price for your needs.
  3. Once you've approached a scooter outlet, make sure you ask or find out about the level of service available to you. can the staff at the outlet help with finding the right scooter? Do they know the product range and is it extensive enough for you? Is there someone to call and speak to personally about your needs and can they help you buy rather than make the decision for you? Do they have a showroom available for you to see and try the scooter?
  4. Once you're ready to buy a scooter you needs to find the best purchase option. Service levels vary but you need to find out if there is a cancellation policy and check the delivery prices or for any hidden costs. Buying a disabled scooter or powerchair can be very confusing. Prices seem to very enormously from company to company. Beware! Often the cheapest prices only come with a very basic warranty.
  5. What is the after sales service like? This is a very important issue for you as you need to be assured that if something is to go wrong with your scooter, you can contact the outlet and they will make the repairs or servicing for you. When paying such a high price for a scooter this should guarantee an excellent aftersales service - many places do not offer this so always ask about this before you buy.
  6. Above all, see how much they care about you finding the right scooter and how much care once you've bought it.
Disabled mobility scooters have helped improve the quality of so many people's lives. Making such a big decision needs help and care - something that any good shop will take pride in.

Mobility Buddy excel in their customer care and after sales service for disabled scooters and mobility aids. Mobility Buddy has a caring, dedicated, sympathetic and understanding team with over 20 years experience in supplying mobility aids.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Updates from the Disabled Scooter Experts.

We're always looking at ways to improve our service at Mobility Buddy and our customer experience on the website is very important. That's why we've recently made a few changes to the site to help people find what the need fast, get the best information they need on the Scooters and be able to shop online hassle free.

We have now focused our Disabled Scooters into 4 main categories and have included a section on scooter accessories. Now that the summer is here, Mobility Buddy has some amazing offers on our best selling scooters including; Pride GoGo Elite Traveller 4, the latest portable lightweight mobility scooter now at £539; Shoprider Sovereign 4, one of the most popular all round scooters now at £595 and the best of the Rascal Scooters, the Rascal 329LE that offers the highest specification at the greatest value.

Along with a comprehensive selection of Disabled Scooters, Mobility Buddy also has a wide range of mobility aids. We now have a dedicated section for Zimmer Frames and Rollators, with a wide variety of accessories for each also available.

To help you make buying your scooter as easy as possible, we've updated our checkout page so you don't need to register. We understand how time consuming it can be to register and set up yet another password, so now Mobility Buddy allows you to buy in 3 simple steps without asking for your username and password. Of course, we still have the facility to create an account which makes the process even quicker.

Have a look at our new Disabled Scooter range and see how Mobility Buddy can make a difference in your life today.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Manual Wheelchairs - the agony of choice

Just like scooters, there is a huge choice of wheelchairs for people to choose from. When it comes to making the right purchase for your needs people need to make an informed decision of which wheelchair to buy.

The first selection choice is for the needs of the user. How independent or dependent are the needs? There are variety of wheelchairs available but they fit into two different categories; electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.

The obvious difference also reflects in price. Electric wheelchairs can provide more benefits but the overall price is reflected in this. This type of wheelchair offers excellent manoeuvrability and style combined with the latest technology. Some of the features that come with an electric wheelchair are a rotating seat so can choose between front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Powered wheelchairs are ideal for people who have difficulty in using the manual facility and often come with a joystick for easy control. Other functions can include seat tilt, seat elevation, recline and leg elevation and other beneficial features.

Manual wheelchairs require people to power them but offer more portability than an electric chair. The main benefit is that the chairs can be easily transported and available as a folding wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs are the most portable to allow them to be packed neatly away in the boot of a car. The more lightweight and portable the wheelchair, the higher the cost as they are often made aluminium to enhance the portability and comfort.

People requiring a wheelchair should research what needs they have and match them with the features of each wheelchair. There is also a wide variety of accessories available to make the selected wheelchair more comfortable and more functional. Remember that a wheelchair must suit the owner as they will require their needs being met as well as being comfortable to use everyday.

Mobility Buddy have a wide selection of Lightweight and Portable Wheelchairs available with advice and a full guarantee.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Get out and about this Summer!

Now that the warm weather is finally upon us, its a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Not everyone has that luxury of being able to leave their home easily and freely, but having a mobility scooter can make all the difference.

Pavement Mobility Scooters are ideal for every day use and are great for someone who wants the independence to get about under their own steam. They are generally far more robust and comfortable than portable lightweight mobility scooters with a greater range.

Pride Scooters are a fantastic range of electric mobility scooters. One of our popular ranges is the Pride Celebrity X. Available in a 3 or 4 wheeled version, the Celebrity X is a perfect blend of style and performance while delivering advanced features usually reserved for higher-priced scooters. A luxury scooter at every-day prices. See a video review of it below:

Other popular scooters in our range include the Pride Gogo and Shoprider Sovereign scooters, each providing excellent all round ability and a chance to enjoy the summer with help from Mobility Buddy.


Wednesday, 28 May 2008

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

The following is designed to assist a potential mobility scooter purchaser, to make the correct choice. Mobility scooters fall into 3 categories, namely, PORTABLES / MICROS, CLASS 2 and CLASS 3. However, we at Mobility Buddy have decided to simplify the category system into a more understandable description, as follows:



A miniaturised mobility scooter designed to be easily disassemble and stowed in most car boots.


Designed for occasional use for trips to supermarket, shopping centres, trips out, holidays etc, with a typical range of 5 – 7 miles. NOTE, most modern portables are approved by airlines and are treated as a mobility aid which normally does not incur excess baggage charges.


Most portables are not suitable for regular day-to-day usage, due to the miniaturisation of key components, such as the transaxle and braking system. The batteries are also a key issue, a typical portable scooter is fitted with 2 x 12 Amph batteries, compared with a pavement scooter which is normally fitted with 2 x 30 Amph or more, which delivers far greater performance and lasts much longer. NOTE, using a portable scooter, as a day to day vehicle, will often result in costly major failure within 18 months.

Useful tip.

There are hybrids scooters available, which offer the user the best of both worlds, e.g. the “Pride Colt”, or the “Pride GoGo ET 3 & 4 PLUS”, both of which are designed to disassemble and be used on a more regular basis. NOTE, due to the fact that these type of scooters are designed with more rugged and heavy-duty components the individual component parts tend to be heavier.

Pavement Scooters

(4 mph class 2)


A larger, far more comfortable and rugged scooter than a portable.


Designed for those who need transport on a regular basis from home, for getting to local shops, trips to the doctor, friends, etc, with a typical range of about 15 - 20 miles. These scooters have a maximum speed of 4 mph and are designed for pavement use, although there are models available that can be used on the road as well.


As with all scooters the maximum user weight applies, it is worth purchasing a scooter with a decent actual user weight versus maximum user weight e.g. if user weight is restricted to 18 stone, then a 2 stone margin is preferable i.e. user weight does not exceed 16 stone. This formula will ultimately result in a longer life span of scooter due to less stress on vital components.

Pavement/Road Scooters

(4–6 mph & 4–8 mph class 3)


Altogether larger and faster than the other two categories, often a much longer range and greater user weight models available.


As with the smaller pavement scooters, designed for day to day use from home to local shops etc, but often with the capability of much greater range of about 25 - 30 miles and able to travel both on public footpaths and roads. Most scooters in this category are larger and have far greater comfort with better seats and all round suspension. Scooters in this category are often able to accommodate user weights of up to 35 stone.


It is an offence to travel on a public footpath at more than 4 mph; most scooters in this category have a switch from 4 mph to 6 or 8 mph.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Improve the quality of your life

Diabled Scooters have helped improve the quality of so many people's lives. There are many different kinds of mobility scooters to suit your needs, ranging for use around your house, to take you as far as 30 miles and even off-road use! Mobility Scooters fit broadly into four categories.

  1. Portable Scooters: Portable Lightweight Mobility Scooters are suitable for those who need to transport a scooter on a regular basis.
  2. Pavement Scooters: Pavement Mobility Scooters are ideal for every day use and are great for someone who wants the independence to get about under their own steam.
  3. Luxury Scooters: Luxury Mobility Scooters are far more comfortable and robust than portable and pavement scooters and come with a host of additional features
  4. Heavy Duty Scooters: Pavement and Luxury mobility scooters that are suitable to carry over 28 stone or 180kg.
Choosing the right scooter for you is important and requires not only a good deal of thought but also considering your overall budget. Here at Mobility Buddy we offer superb customer care and after sales service for every item we sell. With a comprehensive selection of Disabled Scooters, including the Shoprider Soverign, Pride GoGo and Rascal Scooters, we cover all of your needs and help you to make the most out of life.

Mobility Scooters

We also have a large selection of mobility aids, such as Walking Sticks, Commodes and Rollators.