Friday, 26 September 2008

The fight for equal rights for disabled scooters

In response to my previous article, about Trains and Mobility Scooters, things have developed even further with Human Rights activists getting involved. What all sparked this was a ban on Mobility Scooters on trains after a series of events a few months ago.

Details from The Chronicle newspaper, comment on how Human Rights activist Nancy Porter has claimed that the ban is in conflict with human rights and disability discrimination laws. The ban means that all people who have any kind of mobility scooters will not be able to travel on the trains. A spokesman for Metro trains, commented that they stood by the decision for safety reasons and don't believe it to be discriminatory.

There have been numerous incidents up and down the country recently where mobility scooters have fallen on to the lines and Metro trains believe that the ban will help to reduce the numbers of accidents on the trains. They have however, motioned to review the ban in six months time after a series of investigations into which scooters might be at higher risk for users and passengers as well as training for the Metro staff for assistance. Read the full article here.

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