Wednesday, 28 May 2008

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

The following is designed to assist a potential mobility scooter purchaser, to make the correct choice. Mobility scooters fall into 3 categories, namely, PORTABLES / MICROS, CLASS 2 and CLASS 3. However, we at Mobility Buddy have decided to simplify the category system into a more understandable description, as follows:



A miniaturised mobility scooter designed to be easily disassemble and stowed in most car boots.


Designed for occasional use for trips to supermarket, shopping centres, trips out, holidays etc, with a typical range of 5 – 7 miles. NOTE, most modern portables are approved by airlines and are treated as a mobility aid which normally does not incur excess baggage charges.


Most portables are not suitable for regular day-to-day usage, due to the miniaturisation of key components, such as the transaxle and braking system. The batteries are also a key issue, a typical portable scooter is fitted with 2 x 12 Amph batteries, compared with a pavement scooter which is normally fitted with 2 x 30 Amph or more, which delivers far greater performance and lasts much longer. NOTE, using a portable scooter, as a day to day vehicle, will often result in costly major failure within 18 months.

Useful tip.

There are hybrids scooters available, which offer the user the best of both worlds, e.g. the “Pride Colt”, or the “Pride GoGo ET 3 & 4 PLUS”, both of which are designed to disassemble and be used on a more regular basis. NOTE, due to the fact that these type of scooters are designed with more rugged and heavy-duty components the individual component parts tend to be heavier.

Pavement Scooters

(4 mph class 2)


A larger, far more comfortable and rugged scooter than a portable.


Designed for those who need transport on a regular basis from home, for getting to local shops, trips to the doctor, friends, etc, with a typical range of about 15 - 20 miles. These scooters have a maximum speed of 4 mph and are designed for pavement use, although there are models available that can be used on the road as well.


As with all scooters the maximum user weight applies, it is worth purchasing a scooter with a decent actual user weight versus maximum user weight e.g. if user weight is restricted to 18 stone, then a 2 stone margin is preferable i.e. user weight does not exceed 16 stone. This formula will ultimately result in a longer life span of scooter due to less stress on vital components.

Pavement/Road Scooters

(4–6 mph & 4–8 mph class 3)


Altogether larger and faster than the other two categories, often a much longer range and greater user weight models available.


As with the smaller pavement scooters, designed for day to day use from home to local shops etc, but often with the capability of much greater range of about 25 - 30 miles and able to travel both on public footpaths and roads. Most scooters in this category are larger and have far greater comfort with better seats and all round suspension. Scooters in this category are often able to accommodate user weights of up to 35 stone.


It is an offence to travel on a public footpath at more than 4 mph; most scooters in this category have a switch from 4 mph to 6 or 8 mph.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Improve the quality of your life

Diabled Scooters have helped improve the quality of so many people's lives. There are many different kinds of mobility scooters to suit your needs, ranging for use around your house, to take you as far as 30 miles and even off-road use! Mobility Scooters fit broadly into four categories.

  1. Portable Scooters: Portable Lightweight Mobility Scooters are suitable for those who need to transport a scooter on a regular basis.
  2. Pavement Scooters: Pavement Mobility Scooters are ideal for every day use and are great for someone who wants the independence to get about under their own steam.
  3. Luxury Scooters: Luxury Mobility Scooters are far more comfortable and robust than portable and pavement scooters and come with a host of additional features
  4. Heavy Duty Scooters: Pavement and Luxury mobility scooters that are suitable to carry over 28 stone or 180kg.
Choosing the right scooter for you is important and requires not only a good deal of thought but also considering your overall budget. Here at Mobility Buddy we offer superb customer care and after sales service for every item we sell. With a comprehensive selection of Disabled Scooters, including the Shoprider Soverign, Pride GoGo and Rascal Scooters, we cover all of your needs and help you to make the most out of life.

Mobility Scooters

We also have a large selection of mobility aids, such as Walking Sticks, Commodes and Rollators.