Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Manual Wheelchairs - the agony of choice

Just like scooters, there is a huge choice of wheelchairs for people to choose from. When it comes to making the right purchase for your needs people need to make an informed decision of which wheelchair to buy.

The first selection choice is for the needs of the user. How independent or dependent are the needs? There are variety of wheelchairs available but they fit into two different categories; electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.

The obvious difference also reflects in price. Electric wheelchairs can provide more benefits but the overall price is reflected in this. This type of wheelchair offers excellent manoeuvrability and style combined with the latest technology. Some of the features that come with an electric wheelchair are a rotating seat so can choose between front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Powered wheelchairs are ideal for people who have difficulty in using the manual facility and often come with a joystick for easy control. Other functions can include seat tilt, seat elevation, recline and leg elevation and other beneficial features.

Manual wheelchairs require people to power them but offer more portability than an electric chair. The main benefit is that the chairs can be easily transported and available as a folding wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs are the most portable to allow them to be packed neatly away in the boot of a car. The more lightweight and portable the wheelchair, the higher the cost as they are often made aluminium to enhance the portability and comfort.

People requiring a wheelchair should research what needs they have and match them with the features of each wheelchair. There is also a wide variety of accessories available to make the selected wheelchair more comfortable and more functional. Remember that a wheelchair must suit the owner as they will require their needs being met as well as being comfortable to use everyday.

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