Friday, 7 November 2008

Trusting Customer Reviews for Mobility Scooters

When selling products online, you can never neglect the importance that your customers, past and future, play in the sales process. By allowing customers to leave their honest reviews about an item, you are allowing people to express their honest opinion and give a sense of trust to the potential buyers.

Shopping online for something as important as a disabled mobility scooter, you need to feel assured that the scooter you are buying is not only the right one for you but also that you are going to get the best service as well as after sales service.

Take one of our best selling and an overall popular scooter, the Pride Go Go, for example. As this is a popular scooter there are many places to buy it online. However, one thing that people might not think about when shopping for the lowest price is what level of customer service they will get. This point is emphasised by a blog post I found here. In this article, a customer reviews the Pride Go Go and their problems they had with one particular company by not providing the after sales service. It leaves the customer rather disappointed in not only the product (which is one of the best value and reliable scooters available I might add) but also the experience of buying online.

The review is concluded by advising people to buy from a local shop and not from the internet as you don't get that 'at home service'. However, we believe that providing the 'at home service' is vital to anyone who is buying a mobility scooter. It is good to shop around to suit your budget but also good to measure one internet retailer's level of customer service with another. If you need that repair service or even just a home demonstration that can be worth paying a little more for. I think the best advice would be to first of all know your needs, research the product, read the customer reviews and then find the right place to buy. You can shop to find the best price but more importantly, shop to find the best level of service.

Mobility Buddy has a large range of Mobility Scooters, including the Pride Go Go, and we pride ourselves on our level of customer care and after sales service. We know how important buying the right mobility scooter is and also taking care of your needs. Why not read our customer reviews and see what people think of the products and service.

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