Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Trains are no place for Mobility Scooters!

Interesting (and quite shocking) is that there have been two separate incidents in the UK this month involving trains and mobility scooters. The most interesting thing about the incidents was that you would not necessarily think that travelling by train with a mobility scooter would cause such a problem.

The first article I came across was on the BBC website. This was an event on Arriva Trains where a man with a mobility scooter was not able to board the train due to the overcrowding. Something that most people encounter on a daily basis but for those who rely on mobility scooters, missing a train can have serious complications. The unlucky Mr Wali, then had to drive his scooter for 13 miles (21 km) home as the train could not accommodate him. Holiday period or no holiday period, such provisions should be made for overcrowding and to make sure that everyone is able to board trains.

Similarly, a separate incident involving a peron with a mobility scooter occured in West Yorkshire. However, this was not due to poor planning by the Trains franchise, but a deliberate act of discrimination. Being told that a train could not guarnantee disabled access to its customers is a little different to being told outright that you can't travel on the train because of a scooter.

Northern Rail said in their defence that due to "the lack of common design of scooter" and the "diversified fleet", having mobility scooters on their trains was not always possible. Despite many other train companies investing in improving their access for wheelchairs and scooters, Northern Rail have yet to increase their standards. Read the article in full here.

I would hope that other train companies and franchises around the UK are taking note about the right way and the wrong way to care for their customers.

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