Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Road Worthy Disabled Scooters - The Facts

One of the news stories that has dominated all of the news pages recently, and might I add all over the world, is that of 90 year old Stanley Murphy on his scooter. Poor old Stan was found driving down the A27 on his Disabled Scooter doing around 8 mph in lane 1. He was later flagged down by a motorist and found that he 'took a wrong turn on the way to buy a newspaper'. It was a luck escape and highlights the need for awareness of the mobility scooter. Read more about this in this news article.

8mph Luxury Scooters

Disabled Scooters fit into one of four categories; portable scooters that are designed for quick use and being transported around, Pavement Scooters are more robust than the portable scooters and are designed for frequent use. Luxury Scooters come with far more features and designed to have a little bit extra and Heavy Duty Scooters that are suitable for prolonged use or carrying more weight.

Each of the different categories of scooter have features associated with them. Most notable is the speed that they are able to travel at. Portable and Pavement scooters require the scooter to travel at a maximum speed of 4mph. This is for obvious safety reasons and so that the user does not pose a danger to anyone on the pavement.

Luxury and Heavy Duty Scooters however, come with a switch that allows them to travel from 4 to 8 mph and therefore on the road. There are of course legal requirements for driving on the road, such as headlights, break lights and indicators. This also requires the user to be proficient in the highway code and of course not allowed on the motorway as in the article above!

For more information on the legal aspects of Disabled Scooters, read this page or Mobility Buddy's guide to Choosing Disabled Scooters.

New Luxury Scooters

With the weather warming up for Spring and the snow melting, we can look forward to the sunshine and getting out and about. That's why Mobility Buddy have introduced some exciting new Disabled Scooters to the range, from Kymco and TGA.

The Kymco Maxi is a fantastic luxury scooter designed for road and pavement use. It comes equipped with adaptive suspension providing great comfort and reliability, whilst taking the driver around for up to 25 miles. A must for anyone wanting to get around in comfort both on the road and around the shops.

Probably the most advanced and comfortable scooter around at the moment is the truly magnificent TGA Breeze 4 heavy duty scooter. Boasting features such as integrated electronics, active adjustable suspension and large leather seat, this scooter is suitable for all conditions and is strong enough to cope with a variety of different road conditions. A must for everyday use and flexibility and stable enough whilst on the road at 8 mph.

Remember a disabled scooter comes in a variety of different models and categories so if you are needing to drive on the road, make sure you have the scooter that is designed to do so!

Find out about our other new additions to the Disabled Scooters range at

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