Monday, 26 January 2009

The Top Accessories for your Wheelchair

Over the past few months, we have been busy adding in new Wheelchairs to our range to meet the ever growing demand. There are numerous articles (including some that we've written) on advice and information on the different types of Wheelchair, but not so many on the accessories for them. So to fill this void and help people out even more we thought we'd write a post on our top 10 accessories for your manual wheelchairs.

Somewhere to put your drink.

The ultimate accessory for when you are out and about. Simply attach a clip on cup holder to your wheelchair so you can enjoy drink on the go. One of the most popular is the 'Drink Thing' that fits a variety of different container sizes and clips neatly onto the frame of any wheelchair. A must for the summer months or being out in the shops.

Hand Protection.

Using manual wheelchairs quite often can certainly be hard work on your hands. Developed by wheelchair users to make life comfortable for wheelchair users, gloves can protect against blisters and callouses yet are light and comfortable to wear. For those who want even more comfort and robustness, there are the Globeleather gloves which have been described as "the best wheelchair gloves available".

Added Storage and Saving Space

A handy device for packing things away and also saving on space to store items is an under seat wheelchair pouch. This excellent device clips securely and easily to the wheelchair with buckles and hides away under the chair. An ingenious accessory for the wheelchair provides convenient storage and is easily accessible from the front by the user.

Additional Security and Padding

With an extra secure wheelchair belt, you can have an added feeling of being secure by having a belt that criss-crosses across the back of the wheelchair and loops around the levers. Machine washable and made from heavy duty nylon, this belt fits comfortably around the hips.

Space Saving Oxygen

Ideal for persons with emphysema or other respiratory conditions then the perfect solution is a CarryON wheelchair bag that conveniently stores oxygen tanks out of the way. A large mesh bag easily holds one or two 'E' Cylinder tanks and also comes with a deep mask/nasal cannula pouch that is machine washable.

Keep on Working on the Move

If you have visual perception problems, then a transparent tray that attaches to all different types of wheelchair is ideal for you. With an aluminuim lip that keeps the tray from falling off, this durable see-through tray will provide a clear line of sight to your lap and offering a sturdy platform to perform work or tasks. The tray can easily be attached and removed thanks to the hook and loop straps that attach onto the wheelchair armrests.

Added Comfort

What would an accessory list be without something for extra comfort? One of the best methods of getting a softer surface to sit on is a cushion made from silicone gel and foam. Ideal for relieving pressure areas this cushion will make any wheelchair feel comfortable and relaxing all the time.

Accessibility Accessory

Last but by no means least is the most popular (and some would argue most essential) is the Wheelchair Ramp. Mostly constructed from aluminium and being lightweight and very portable, they are ideal for providing access to and from buildings, stairs and cars. Ramps come in a variety of different sizes and portable options and can quite often come complete with a carry bag for transportation. Some of the ramps can also be used for mobility scooters as they are made from very tough, durable materials.

With so many different accessories to choose from, Mobility Buddy provide all the help and information on Manual Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters and Wheelchair Accessories that you need. Visit and find the right mobility aid for your needs.

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