Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Caring for your Mobility Scooter

There is that old saying, 'care for something and it will care for you'. Just like any advanced bit of engineering, a little bit of cares can make a huge difference where it matters most...reliability!

When buying a car, a dishwasher or even a mobility scooter, the more care and attention you put into maintaining it the longer it will last for you. For people who really rely on their car for example, you would be a fool to think that all you need to do is add petrol when it runs empty and that is enough to keep it going. Cars need regular servicing, checks, water, oil, tyre pressure etc. Left unattended and you can quite easily find that just when you need your car the most, it will not be there for you. Or as above, you didn't care for it so it stopped caring for you.

The same can be said of miss-using your scooter on the road. There was a recent incident of an elderly lady falling off a cliff whilst on her mobility scooter as she took a corner too fast. Luckily she escaped with only minor injuries but her ordeal lasted over an hour. Some scooters are not designed for more 'off road' driving, as this tends to be for the Heavy Duty Scooters. Most pavement or portable scooters are only suitable for driving on pavements and in towns and therefore cannot cope with the demands of country paths or lanes. More information about the different classes of scooters can be found in our previous post about how to choose a mobility scooter.

Ok, so what sort of care does a mobility scooter need? Well, firstly, and most importantly, to know is that you need to take care of your rechargeable battery. The type of battery that comes with your scooter can vary in size and type. This can determine both the speed and the range of your scooter. The different manufacturers often have instructions on how to charge and take care of your battery, which can vary from a full re-charge after every occasion you use the scooter to simply recharging when the battery gauge tells you to. The variation of battery life can be around 1 to 2 years before you need to replace it and this is also determined by how often you use the scooter. For example, using a scooter for occasional trips to the shops will not reduce the battery life at the same rate as using a scooter for doing several miles a day. How often you use the scooter should help you determine what size batter you will need or how long it should last.

The most reputable scooter dealers should offer servicing for you as this is an essential part of keeping your scooter in good working order. This is not as involved as a car servicing nor is it like an MOT, but for your peace of mind and convenience this is an essential part of ownership. Mobility scooters can be quite an investment so you need to make sure that your scooter will last as long as the manufacturer's guarantee. Different scooters have different levels of reliability. For example, the Pride Go Go or the Shoprider Sovereign are perhaps the most reliable scooters, offering exceptional build quality and durability. Invariable, mobility scooters need a service every 12 months but sometimes this can be longer.

Servicing can be done at your dealers who can simply check the battery, the tyres, breaks and other essential systems on your scooter. Most of the servicing requirements should be outlined in your manual to give you an idea of what needs to be maintained. With a little care and understanding of your scooter, there is no reason why your scooter cannot care for you.

General wear and tear can be easily maintained and most scooters make it easy enough for you to take care of yourself. Along with replacement body work, there are a variety of extras that you can update your scooter with, including baskets, covers, storage holders and ramps. Your scooter dealer should be able to advise you on the accessories available.

Mobility Buddy stock a variety of Disabled Scooters that are specially selected for being the 'best in class' for Portable, Pavement and Heavy Duty scooters. We also offer a full 12 month warranty as well as a dedicated after sales service and scooter care. Visit www.MobilityBuddy.co.uk for our selection of the best, and most reliable, mobility scooters.

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